How to get to Baía Formosa?

Baía Formosa is located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. The closest international airport is Natal, 95 km away. Other options are the international airport of João Pessoa (in the State of Paríba), 125 km, and Recife (in the State Pernambuco), 225 km. La Bonita provides transfers to and from all three airports, with a driver and car.

By road: the town is more or less equidistant from Natal and João Pessoa. From Natal, take BR-101, and after Cuanguaretama take RN-062 for about 17 km. Coming from João Pessoa, take the BR-101, and then turn right onto the RN-602 before Canguaretama.

Along the beach, from Natal
: it is also possible to get to Baía Formosa along the beach, using a beach buggy or a 4x4. Before embarking on this journey, it is important to check the timetable for the tides, as some stretches can only be passed at low tide. You will also need money to pay to be ferried across a number of rivers along the way. NB: it is important not to drive along the beach in a inappropriate vehicle, or with no experience. Do not drive on beaches that are closed to traffic, as these could be the home and breeding ground for especies such as birds and turtles.

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